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We invite you to feel like a kid again with RDC. We are one of many exciting internet marketing properties with select products presented by MV Professional Services. Martha Vaughn II, CEO and Owner has been branding her marketing company for a about 10 years creating well over 14k internet business domain names to help businesses thrive and grow in the ever changing economy. We exist so that we can become a positive influence in your life. Our Mission is to help people all over the world who need us. We Martha is a motivational speaker and has a BA in Television Production and Broadcast Journalism and has been in the Sales, Marketing, and Advertising arena for over 40 years. She is a writer, director, producer, photographer, camera operator and video editor and much more. Martha is from San Francisco, California and she currently resides in Houston, Texas and is a Proud Houston Rockets and Texans Fan! As a sports enthusiast and former athlete, a winning and positive mental attitude is a must in life. Business development, growth and retention is her main focus. In many of the categories that you will choose to advertise your business on our site, Martha is the Owner. We think our first site, RestaurantDiningCoupons.com will place you above your targeted marketing goals with a brand new revenue stream from us. This is only the beginning and we look forward to spoiling you with tons of new and different ways and opportunities to show your customers how much you care from them. Martha loves you and you are always in her thoughts. Martha's goal is to help grow your company regardless if you have money or not. She has dreamed all of her life of ways to help people live a smarter, more comfortable, convenient and happier life together helping one another. We care deeply for children and wish to help them. Martha regularly makes donations to Boys and Girls Club of America and will always continue to help many Charities and Foundations that she believes in. She has many plans to make a difference in our society today by lending a helping hand to those who can’t help or speak for themselves. We need your help too. We welcome you to your new home with RestauratDiningCoupons.com! This site is the introduction to RestaurantDiningClub.com. She has a vast interest in your success since she began working for her mother at an early age. If you have any questions you may phone Martha and speak with her anytime about assisting you with your business. She'll be excited to assist you greatly with business ideas and to have you as one of her awesome partners and customers! Martha is also a reseller with Godaddy and can assist you and your company with Domain names and she may just have what you are needing right now for a great online presence. If you do not find a category to suit your business please contact us so we may easily assist you by adding your category if possible. We hope you like your website. We did it all for you and made it with lot's of love. You will meet Martha Soon. Thanks and enjoy!


We look forward to having you as an "Awesome Customer" Soon!


PS: Our web site is dedicated to all Veterans and to people who have lost their lives and people who need people...MVP