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Origin of the name cocktail.

There several discussions about the origin of the name cocktail:

1) It comes from the tail of the cock (cock tail) for the analogy with the colors of the fledged animal

2) It come from a pharmacist of New Orleans, Antoine Peycahud, who was preparing the drinks in what he used to call “coquetier”

3) It comes from the daughter on an Indian Chief that was called Coquetiers who used to prepare a mixture of herbs for the well-being of the body

Whatever the origin is, whatever the legend is, the important thing is that the drink(s) must be prepared to satisfy the eyes and the taste and be prepared according to the rules of each drink(s).

There are four major categories drinks:

1) Cocktails

2) Pre-Dinner

3) Fancies

4) Long Drinks

There are 50 classic cocktails recognized by the International Bartender Association (I.B.A.).

I will list one of them every week strictly in alphabetical order. Open for requests and questions.

Cocktail of the Week #3



a) ¼ Yellow Chartreuse

b) ¾ Gin

c) 1 dash angostura bitters (optional)

d) Lemon twist to garnish


Prepare in the mixing glass, adding first ice cubes, then the other ingredients in the order listed above (not the lemon). Stir well with a swizzle, do not shake. Serve in a chilled cocktail cup using a strainer to hold-back the ice. Drop the lemon in the glass.


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07 Jan 2018

By Vito Russo