You need to first become a RDC Member before obtaining a coupon or deal. Once you're a member you can start saving money.

Mobile Method:

Use your phone or tablet to save!

     1. Log in by clicking login.

     2.  Click on a coupon shown on our Home page.

     3.  Display your coupon/deal on your mobile device when checking out at the merchant.

Click-n-Print Method:

Print the discount from our website

     1.  Log in by clicking Login.

     2.  Click on a merchant name shown on our Home page.

     3.  Click the Print button.

     4.  Wait for printer selection window to appear.  Then, choose your printer and click Print/OK.

          If printer selection window does not appear or coupon does not print, review the FAQS.

     5.  Close the Discount window.

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*Fraudulently duplicating a discount could result in membership termination or even more severe criminal penalties.