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Dear RDC Merchant: Introduce your business to the world with a free online directory listing that speaks to the public in a clear and efficient way. Describe all features that make the establishment unique and great for your customers. Once you are finished with your listing you can began creating your deals and posting coupons for our online visitors. You get 1 Free Deal and 1 Free Sellafied with your Free Business Listing.for showcasing special promotions. Free Event Advertising , Free Sellafied Advertising, which is our version of Classifieds. Along with our Free Recipe of the Week section. We look forward to featuring your business in our blog too. Our goal is to help you increase your customer volume and bring you new visitors from our RDC online cummunity. Our mission is to help people who need our help. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have.....I am Martha and I am not only the owner I am a client! Call me after you sign up please:-) Marry Me Love, Martha Vaughn II



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